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We have Beneificial Insects in season. Lady Bugs, Lacewings.

We carry Red Wigglers for making your own "Black Gold"


Plant Garlic in the Fall for Summer Harvest

Fall is the perfect time to plant Garlic. There have been studies done that have shown garlic bulbs planted in the fall produce twice as much than bulbs in the spring. You need to plant garlic about 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes so it can set roots but not necessarily sends new shoots up. If you get a some growth before winter arrives no need to worry, your garlic plants will be perfectly fine.

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"Feed The Soil & The Soil

    Will Feed your Plants"

Plants are only as good as the soil you grow them in. By working in

organic matter over a period of time, you will get great results.

Every year will get better and better. Add leaves to your garden in

the fall and let the worms take over. You can top dress with organic

matter around your flower, herb beds and even around your trees

and shrubs. Use Happy Frog soil conditioner to get your plants off to a good start and keep them healthy.

It is hand-blended in small batches, Happy Frog Soil Conditioner contains forest humus, bat guano, and earthworm castings. For an added boost to plant development, it also contains beneficial microbes and humic acid, both of which strengthen roots while aiding nutrient absorption. You can work it in your soil and use it as a fine conditioning mulch. Comes in three cubic feet bales.

Click to see the list of the Heirloom & Organically grown vegetable and herb plants  that we carry at Patty's Plants. Organic Tomato ,Pepper ,Veggie varieties, Organic herb and flower lists. 

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